MITec s.r.l. is the exclusive representative for Italy and not exclusive for Europe of ioMosaic. ioMosaic Corporation is the leading provider of process safety and risk management solutions, including training and software for security and risk management.

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ioMosaic provides practical solutions for safety challenges, the risk associated with industrial activities including the design and verification of overpressure emergency relief systems, quantitative risk analysis, location of industrial activities, onsite training and advanced software technology.

ioMosaic's headquarters is based in Salem, New Hampshire with additional US offices in Houston, Texas, Minneapolis, Minnesota and Berkeley, California. International offices include Bath, UK and Bahrain, Kingdom of Bahrain.

As early as the 1970s, ioMosaic staff carried out many studies that set benchmarks such as the Trans-Alaska pipeline audit commissioned by the US Congress, an investigation into the Bhopal disaster in India, and the safety of CNG-powered vehicles in tunnels. ioMosaic's senior staff of experts have authored many guidelines relating to safety management and chemical reactivity and are recognized as experts on sites for LNG and transport safety.

ioMosaic's expertise extends to being a leader in providing sizing services and emergency discharge solutions globally. Its applications of overpressure protection systems are used by more than 350 users at the most recognizable companies worldwide.

ioMosaic holds leadership positions in the design of emergency discharge systems in the process industry, and in the forums on chemical reactivity and plays a central role in defining "best practices" related to the design, selection and management of systems of emergency drains.

In July 2002, the American Institute of Chemical Engineering (AICHE) / Design Institute for Emergency Relief System (DIERS) selected Process Safety Office© Superchems™ as a reference for the analysis and sizing of safety systems. SuperChems™ incorporates models and calculation procedures that overcome the simplifications of the classic sizing techniques that generally lead to excessive oversizing or dangerous undersizing of the discharge devices. In particular, SuperChems™ offers a variety of single-phase or multi-phase reactive fluid models, dispersion analysis, droplet dynamics, fire dynamics and explosions.


Process Safety OfficeTM Suite integrates a series of specific tools and software, as part of:
  1. Risk analysis
  2. Evaluation of chemical reactivity
  3. Dispersion analysis
  4. Dynamics of fires and explosions
  5. Security and vulnerability analysis
  6. Theory of thermal explosions
  7. Reporting
  8. Sizing of exhaust systems
  9. Quantitative risk analysis (fixed facility risk, transportation risk)
  10. Sizing of rupture discs and valves