Software Tools

MITec srl is able to use the following software for the development of engineering activities:

  • SUPERCHEM EXPERT BY Iomosaic: software for emergency chemical plants releases simulation and pressure systems protection sizing even for runaway reactions and for blowdown sizing.
    This software is the worldwide most up to date and reliable software concerning the design and verification of chemical reactors pressure protection. This activity is carried out in cooperation with the "Stazione Sperimentale per i Combustibili" in San Donato Milanese for the thermodynamic and kinetic study or reacting systems.
  • CHETAH version 8.0: ASTM software for thermodynamic properties evaluation and chemical products Energy release.
  • HTC STX: for the TEMA tubular heat exchanger sizing and verification with automatic data import from Prode Properties data bank.
  • PD PLUS: process software for chemical plant and chemical unit operation simulation.
  • HAZOP 5.0 e HAZOPTIMIZER by IOMOSAIC: software for hazard and operability studies ( HAZOP)
  • HSC version 5.0 by Outokumpu: software for chemical reaction computer aided
  • FLOWSOLVER: for line and piping net sizing and verification with pure fluids, mixtures, in liquid, gaseous and mixed phase condition.
  • PRODE PROPERTIES: physical and chemical data bank with pure chemicals and their mixtures characteristics calculations.
  • PROGEX3: software for the classification of places with danger of explosion according to CEI EN 60079-10 (CEI 31-30) and the CEI 31-35 guide;
  • PROGEX DUST: software for the classification of places with danger of explosion due to the presence of combustible dusts according to CEI EN 50281 (CEI 31-52) and the CEI Guide 31-56;