MITec has proposed itself the goal of researching and implementing measures to continuously improve the safety and environmental compatibility of chemical processes and plants.

MITec's key task is to pursue and to realize safety and pollution prevention measures with the aim to take all the necessary precautions to ensure the best environmental impact and compatibility of the chemical facilities.
In order to achieve this objective MITec has provided itself with means to carry out the following activities:

  1. design effective pressure relief and vent containment systems to protect facilities, particularly those that handle highly reactive chemicals
  2. offer customers methodologies for assessing reactivity hazards and fire and explosion dynamics.
  3. analyze the reaction system by laboratory adiabatic calorimetric equipment for testing reactivity hazards and to recover the data for pressure relief and vent containment systems design.
MITec s.r.l. it is proposed not only for the design of new plants but also for the "retrofitting" of existing ones that need to be verified and updated to the technological and safety level currently required by law and legal directives. The IT tools used for these activities are the most valid currently available: in particular we refer to the calculation programs SUPERCHEM EXPERT of ioMosaic, CHETAH vers.8.

It is absolutely mandatory to manage the chemical processes very carefully and to start the plant design and operation only after the process has been completely characterized at the lab scale. When this way to deal with the chemical reactions is ignored the aftermaths may be heavy.

IMPORTANT NOTE: chemical processes must be handled with great care and the necessary investigations must be carried out beforehand to clarify the mechanisms and prepare the necessary safety and prevention measures. Ignoring these procedures can be very expensive not only for the consequent material damage but also for personal injury: see the reconstruction of the incident that occurred at the "T2 Laboratories" in Jacksonville, Florida.

For this activity, concerning the chemical plants safety where hazardous processes are involved, MITEC Srl carries out its engineering and consultancy activity by preventive and protective tools:
  • Energy Release Monitoring System (ERMES) which is a process PREVENTIVE MANAGING TOOL for the safe and productive operation of semi discontinuous runaway reactions developed by Francesco Maestri, PhD. ERMES, patented by MITec Srl, is a useful device for significantly lowering the frequency of occurrence of incidental phenomena in SBRs.
  • SuperChems Expert which is a PROTECTIVE SYSTTEMS DESIGN TOOL by ioMosaic Corporation which is the leading provider of pressure relief systems design services and solutions for multi-phase, reacting systems.