Process control and automation

MITec s.r.l. is a engineering company which has been established in 1999 with office in Bergamo (Italy), Via San Lorenzo 10. MITec srl is a leading provider of engineering consulting activities and investment project management in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Process automation and control is a fundamental objective for the optimization and safety of a production activity. The purposes of automation, considered as a tool to support operators, are mainly:

  • Implement process control strategies, in order to keep it in stable operating conditions, through automatic corrective actions on the independent control variables (manipulated)
  • Assist the operator in his work on the system carried out by operator stations located in a safe and comfortable control room;
  • Perform process control strategies, implementing automatic corrective actions on the process variables in the event of deviation of the parameters detected from those set;
  • Improve plant productivity;
  • Improve plant efficiency;
  • Improve the quality and consistency of product characteristics;
  • Increase the safety of the plants and processes and therefore the protection of the people of the structures and of the environment by preventing incidental scenarios (Emergy Shutodovwn Systems) or mitigating (Fire and Gas Systems) the resulting risk
  • Reduce production costs;
  • Take and store the process measurements for subsequent analysis, investigations and performance statistics and management processing
Our systems, designed and manufactured to meet specific customer needs, find significant applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and manufacturing industries. The architectures of the Integrated systems (security, fire & gas, and control), in centralized (PLC) or distributed (DCS) mode are customized from time to time and take into account the specificity and needs of the end customer.

The services offered are listed here:
  • The analysis of the process and the design of the control strategies, basic, complex and advanced, aimed at optimizing the management of the considered process
  • The Hazop safety studies that led to the identification of the scenarios and the need to mitigate the associated risk are followed by the Functional Safety analysis with the definition of the safety loops (SIF) and of the required integrity level (SIL Target) and therefore the design of security systems (SIS with ESD electronics). This is followed by the engineering of safety loops (SIF) by appropriate selection of safety components such as sensors and field actuators (SIL assessment, SIL verification)
  • HW & SW engineering of PLC, DCS, ESD, F&G, SCADA systems, control room operators with related Human Machine Interfaces.
  • Realization and integration of the aforementioned systems
  • Factory Acceptance Tests of the supplies
  • Installation and commissioning, including the final validation of security of the systems
  • Training and training courses on the supplied systems and on control techniques
  • Assistance and maintenance services relating to the supplied equipment and systems